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Snow White Gaiwan

For the more advanced tea drinker, the Gaiwan set is perfect for the eastern style of steeping where a lot of tea is steeped in short bursts.  This allows for multiple infusions of a single tea throughout the day, during a tea session, and for tea parties.

When using a Gaiwan with Oolongs, we suggest a quick rinse and then a 14 second steep time.  For each consecutive steep add 4 seconds to your steep time.  This process will allow you anywhere from 8-15 steeps from the same tea.  When using the Gaiwan method, you will discover that the flavor will enhance as the tea is given time to open up.  Sort of like the layers/rings on a tree.

*Please be mindful of how you use this product.  Improper use could result in burning.  (Owner Note: Perfect technique should be used when handling this item.  It is not for the beginner tea drinker.  I typically burn my fingers ever 10 times I use this method.)

*This Gaiwan was manufactured from our tea farm friends in China!

Here is a quick guide on how to use a Gaiwan that you may want to review before attempting to use this device. There is also an accompanying Youtube video on how to use a Gaiwan that can be found here.

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