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Organic Ya Shi Xiang "Duck Shit Aroma" Dancong Oolong

Ya Shi Xiang is a delicate Dancong Oolong grown in the Fenghuang Mountain region around 600-700 meters above the sea level. (a.k.a. Phoenix Dancong Mountains)

It is known for its fruit aroma, followed by the scent of flowers and smooth mineral finish.

The name "Ya Shi Xiang", or "Duck Shit Aroma", is said to have originated from a farmer in the region who had some tea bushes he enjoyed and wanting to guard the uniqueness of. He told outsiders that the color of the soil was because he used duck shit. He did this so that he could deter them from stealing and cloning the plant.  

-Original: Feng Huang Mountain, Chaozhou, Guangdong Province, China 
-Tea Variety: Ya Shi Xiang Variety
-Harvest Time: April 4th, 2017 Spring
-Tea Master : Eric Chen
-Picking Standard: Two or three half-matured tea leaves, ripen leaves and good weather
-Shape: Twisted oolong, straight, black and oiled finished leaves
-Tea Processing: Tea Harvesting-Sun Withering-Setting-Waving-Rolling-Fixation-Baking-Refining-Roasting
-Aroma: Charming milk with Jasmine flowery fragrance
-Taste: Sweet after taste, smooth and fresh
-Tea Soup Color: Bright golden yellow

*This tea can be steeped 8-14 times depending on method and timing.  For best results, use a Gaiwan or any small steeping device.

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