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Organic Mi Lan Xiang "Honey Orchid" Dancong Oolong

Mi Lan Xiang is a delicate Dancong Oolong grown in the Fenghuang Mountain region around 600-700 meters above the sea level. (a.k.a. Phoenix Dancong Mountains)

This high-mountain tea is known for its fruity aroma and honey orchid fragrance.  Most Dancong Oolongs are named after their flavor and/or aroma.  Mi Lan Xiang literally translates to "Honey Orchid Fragrance".

-Original: Feng Huang Mountain, Chaozhou, Guangdong Province, China 
-Tea Variety: Mi Lan Xiang Variety
-Harvest Time: March 15, 2017 (Spring)
-Tea Master : Eric Chen
-Picking Standard: Two or three half-matured tea leaves, rippen leaves and good weather
-Shape: Twisted oolong, straight, black and oiled finished leaves
-Tea Processing: Tea Harvesting-Sun Withering-Setting-Waving-Rolling-Fixation-Baking-Refining-Roasting
-Aroma: Charming honey and orchid fragrance
-Taste: Sweet after taste, mellow and thick
-Tea Soup Color: Bright, golden yellow

*This tea can be steeped 8-14 times depending on method and timing.  For best results, use a Gaiwan or any small steeping device.


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